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John ODonovan

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John O'Donovan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara.  His research is in the broad area of Artificial Intelligence and the Social Web, with a specific focus on the computation of trust within social web applications.   John holds Bachelors, MS and PHD degrees in Computer Science from the National University of Ireland (UCD) where he was advised by Prof. Barry Smyth.  He has co-authored research with Prof. Tobias Hollerer at the 4-Eyes Laboratory in UCSB.    Currently John is collaborating with Prof B.S. Manjunath and the Center for Bio-Image Informatics at UCSB to fund and develop a Social Web framework for the bioinformatics community. 


Recommended Readings & Links:


John's Ph.D thesis:   Trust on the Social Web


John's homepage


Facebook developers tools:  an api and a toolkit that provides access a LOT of data...


Google's OpenSocial:  standardizing in the social web?  


Bisque: A Collaboration Framework for BioInformatics

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