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Peter Kollock

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Peter Kollock





Peter Kollock is Professor of Sociology at UCLA and Cofounder of onExchange Inc., a venture-backed company that builds online marketplaces for the financial industry.  From the inception of the company through 2001, Dr. Kollock headed research and strategic planning as Executive Vice President. Dr. Kollock edited Communities in Cyberspace and is at work on a second volume of studies of online communities titled Connected Action.  His current research focuses on the social dynamics of online markets.  In addition to his academic and applied research projects, Dr. Kollock has several years experience as a developer and consultant in the software industry, and has worked with numerous companies, including Microsoft, Philips, France Telecom, and LG Corporation. He holds a BA, MA, and PhD from the University of Washington. 


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Kollock, P. & Braziel, E.R. (2006). How not to build an online market: The sociology of market microstructure. Social Psychology of the Workplace Advances in Group Processes, 23, 283-306. [download kollock.pdf]





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