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Rama Hoetzlein

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Rama Hoetzlein


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Rama Hoetzlein completed a dual-degree in Computer Science and Fine Arts at Cornell University in 2001, with thesis works in robotic sculpture. From 2001 to 2004, he developed user interfaces and modeling software for biotech Gene Network Sciences (Ithaca, NY) and co-founded the Game Design Institute at Cornell University. Rama has exhibited works at the 2nd Beijing International Exhibition, The Machine Project (LA), and the Seattle Public Library (with George Legrady). Recently, Rama completed a Master's Thesis in interdisciplinary knowledge organization with the Media Art & Technology Program at UC Santa Barbara. Quanta, a visualization framework developed for this thesis, was presented as the first Translieracies Paradigm Lecture in a series hosted by Alan Liu. Rama is currently working on distributed rendering for new media applications, knowledge visualization, and social computing.



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